Week 6: Kickstarter assignment ~ (Reflection question #2)

I enjoyed the Kickstarter assignment from this week as it was something new that I had never done before and I thought that some of the concepts were really interesting. The product I chose- The Ostrich Pillow, is quite similar to what some people might consider a novelty product. I thought the desirability aspect of it was probably easiest to evaluate because I could understand it from a customer point of view. In terms of function, the product makes sense because it is tapping into a need that many individuals experience and it is something that I personally relate to. The hardest part to evaluate was the feasibility of it because I feel like there are several economic factors that I am not currently aware of with the process of making this product, and several issues that could arise unexpectedly once production has started. As far as I can tell, it is a unique idea with a lot of potential, and I would consider buying it if I saw it on a shelf today. 


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