Week 5: Customer interaction ~ (Reflection question 1)

Our product idea is essentially an app that allows you to enter food items currently available in your fridge which will then populate a list of recipes that use those food items. This will aid people who are usually in a predicament of not knowing what to make for lunch/dinner, or for those who don’t want to have to spend money and buy more food that what they already have. Our data collection therefore involves a lot of initial observation to determine how people make food choices, how they purchase food products, and their general habits. Because this is more discrete, I did a lot of observation of University of Guelph students and how they pack their lunches. I noticed that a lot of students like to pack chopped vegetables and fruit and snack throughout the day so the idea of convenience is very important to them. We haven’t met with any extreme users yet but I believe that this will be the next step. So far we have a pretty good gist of who our customer segments will be, but we will certainly be doing more exploring! 


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