Week 3: A Whole New Mind~(Reflection question #2)

For my book Review, I have chosen Daniel Pink’s “A Whole New Mind”. I chose it because I enjoyed the work of Dan Pink in “The Adventures of Johnny Bunko” that we also had to read previously. I thought that the narrative was very interesting and that he really presented insightful career advice in a fun and interesting way. When browsing through the book list, I was hoping to find a book by him and I chose “A Whole New Mind” just because the title itself seemed intriguing to me.

I am interested to learn more about the concepts in this book. I haven’t read too much yet but based on the synopsis and what I’ve read so far, I gather that it is an exploration of how “right-brain” thinkers (the right hemisphere being responsible for reasoning, pattern recognition, emotions, empathy and body language) will be future leaders. Dan talks a lot about the value of creativity and how it will be the key differentiator in the future since products are becoming more readily available to consumers, they can be exported to other countries and everything can also be automated. If these trends continue, then creativity and those that are creative thinkers will be the competitive advantage.

I am excited to learn more about what Pink has to say because I guess I consider myself more of a right brain thinker. As I have mentioned before I have an analytical mind and enjoy being creative, but I have always been more in touch with my creative side. Because of this I really like his mindset as I find him relatable. I really enjoyed the last book by Dan Pink and I have no doubt that I will do the same with this one! 🙂


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