Week 1: Persistence Trumps Talent~ (Reflection question #2)

After reading the Adventures of Johnny Bunko, I can honestly say that I really enjoyed my textbook! It was really informative and put a lot of things into perspective for me. Coming into this class, I am not sure that I want to be a CEO or start a business or be a huge marketing executive, only because I have to be honest with myself. You can only push for the things that you really want in life, and at the end of the day I know I won’t be managing a large team at a big company one day…because that’s not my dream; it’s someone else’s. Then so be it!

One thing that reading this book taught me is that I’m on the right track (hah!). Everything that I have ever had a doubt about (mainly not sticking to a plan, trying to do something that I have a passion for rather than something that will give me financial stability, willing to work my ass off for something I care about rather than something easy that’s 9-5) was reassured in this book. I can completely relate a lot to Johnny’s sense of wanting purpose and not ending up stuck because he had to listen to his parents, teachers, advisers etc.

Many lessons in this book stood out to me. One thing I feel my parents don’t seem to understand is that I don’t have a plan. I mean I kind of do.,.I think. The plan is more of a fuzzy outline that I really hope will come to pass. But my plan could lead to the colour blue…which could lead to a chicken quesadilla… which could lead to an opportunity that gets blocked by a garden gnome who uncovers a mouse hole which leads to SUCCESS!!!  The fact that I don’t have a real life plan gives me the heebie jeebies…but it’s also very exciting! It means I am open to any possibility and as terrifying as that is, it’s also liberating.

The main lesson that stood out to me however, is that Persistence trumps Talent. All my life I have been plagued by the dreaded curse of Average. My average marks, my average skills, my average (ahem) looks, my below average physical co-ordination of any kind etc. Then one day i discovered another side of myself. It was in drama class in high school where suddenly everything made sense and I realized I liked acting and I felt like myself. Or when I was asked to write a poem or creative writing piece at school, and I found that suddenly I was wide awake. Or when I had to hand draw a poster and my nerves were on fire. Or every time I sing in the shower. I love this. I’m not outstanding at any of it, but i care enough to work my *bleep* off. i have mentioned in my initial post that i am interested in creative things. This is what I want to do with my life. I don’t want to specify just yet, but anything I choose to do is equally ambitious, financially unstable, and does not follow any plan whatsoever. And so I’ve decided that as long as I have my moderate talent, dedication and persistence- I can do whatever I want 😀


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